The Dairy

The ‘’Caseificio San Salvatore’’ represents the union of 5 production sites of which 4 are plants for the production of milk, growth and reproduction of Mediterranean Buffalo cattle located in the municipalities of Pietramelara, Galluccio, Baia e Latina and Civitavecchia for a herd buffalo population of approximately 3000 heads, raised and bred according to the respect of animal welfare. Two of these farms have converted to the production of buffalo milk from organic farming. The property also includes over 150 ha of land on which, in respect of the standards for the production of organic products, forage is produced to self-supply their own farms. The processing plant of over 1500 square metres, located in the municipality of Pietramelara, next to the historic breeding farm of the Letizia family, benefits from state-of-the-art technological tools while maintaining tradition and in part craftsmanship.


Producing the best buffalo products, respecting the environment and the animals. The San Salvatore company is committed to ensuring the highest quality by using only selected raw materials and sustainable production methods. The main goal is to reduce environmental impact through the conversion from plastic to paper packaging of all buffalo products by the end of 2023, extending this practice to conventional mozzarella.



Prize winners “CHEESE OF THE YEAR”

Conversion from intensive farming to organic farming

Awarding of the OSCAR GREEN by Coldiretti

First kg of Mozzarella of Bufala D.o.p. from Organic Farming

Conversion of primary and secondary packaging to reduce plastic

Sold annually in kg 600 Tons of Mozzarella from Organic Farming

The company obtains the BIO SUISSE certification


The Letizia family traces its origins in 1950 with Cristoforo Letizia.

Initially dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables and fruit plants, later extended with fodder crops and cattle breeding. In the 1970s, the company devoted its attention mainly to the breeding of the Mediterranean buffalo, an extraordinary animal for its peculiar capacity for adaptation and for the organoleptic characteristics of its milk. In 1988, Giuseppe, eldest son of Cristofaro, abandoned university life to devote himself together with his current wife Antonella to the transformation of the milk produced from the farm into passito cheeses and Mozzarella of Latte di Bufala. Over the years, thanks to dedication and perseverance, the company imposed itself on the market, expanding its boundaries from the Neapolitan territory to that of Apulia and Lazio to reach today all the countries in Europe and some beyond. In 1994 the dairy joined the consortium Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP creating a commercial network in continuous development over the years and still today in great expansion and evolution.

Until 2003, the processing room consisted of a small room of 200mq, in this place they lay the foundations to create a structure of over 1500 square metres containing machinery and state-of-the-art equipment. In those years Davide, second son of Cristofaro, began to dedicate himself to the management of the breeding farm, quickly taking the company reins and developing his knowledge and skills, putting them at the service of the company.

Davide in the agricultural sector, Giuseppe at the forefront of the transformation and Antonella at the head of the financial area, create a winning team that in 2014 was joined by Sergio Romano who completely changed the vision and commercial vision of both the farms and the dairy by setting his sights on an ambitious future. It is in fact thanks to the opening of new markets on the organic front that Giuseppe, Davide and Antonella decide to convert part of their work to farming and the production of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP Organic. With their entry into this world, the Letizia family, increasingly attentive to the needs of the environment decided to optimise the production of sewage with the construction of a Biogas plant of approximately 100kw for self-supply of electrical energy, focusing on electricity, aiming for a circular economy and obtaining the award by Coldiretti Campania of the OSCAR GREEN 2015.