Choosing our products means choosing quality, sustainability and respect for the environment.

We are proud to have been chosen for BIO SUISSE certifification and we are ready to continue our commitment to producing the highest quality products, in full respect of the environment and animals.

Sustainability is a key aspect for the Caseificio San Salvatore. Since 2019, the company began the conversion from plasticSince plastic to paper for its packaging, both primary (container or bag for the packaging of the individual product) and secondary (display container for the individually packaged mozzarellas) and have led the company to be able to declare Plastic FreePlastic Free for a large part of the mozzarella packaging andfor and to receive the Bio Suisse certification.


Highest quality

The processing company, which focuses on respect for the environment and consumer protection, has several quality certifications such as ISO 9001:2015 which allows San Salvatore, to meet the fundamental requirements in order to guarantee a very high level of product quality and service, also respecting the standards defined by voluntary certifications such as BRC FOOD Certificate – IFS FOOD Certificate, required by the European and foreign markets in which the company markets its products. The farms, which is very attentive to the latest environmental regulations, as well as having built one of the few 100 kw Biogas plants fuelled with manure and slurry that allows it to transform everything into alternative energy by covering its own energy consumption (it is no coincidence that it has recognised as the winner in the WE GREEN’ category for the OSCAR GREEN 2015 by Coldiretti Campania). The livestock sector has obtained the certifications relating to animal welfare following all the guidelines drawn up by the European Community. Last (but not least) fundamental milestone is obtaining the prestigious Bio Suisse certification with with which San Salvatore now dedicates a line of products entirely to the Swiss organic market, together with the European Organic certification which allows it to export for several years its organic products to several European and non-European countries.