The ‘’Caseificio San Salvatore’’ represents the union of 5 production sites of which 4 are plants for the production of milk, growth and reproduction of Mediterranean Buffalo cattle located in the municipalities of Pietramelara, Galluccio, Baia e Latina and Civitavecchia for a herd buffalo population of approximately 3000 heads, raised and bred according to the respect of animal welfare. Two of these farms have converted to the production of buffalo milk from organic farming.


Choosing our products means choosing quality, sustainability and respect for the environment.

We are proud to have been chosen for BIO SUISSE certifification and we are ready to continue our commitment to producing the highest quality products, in full respect of the environment and animals.

Sustainability is a key aspect for the Caseificio San Salvatore. Since 2019, the company began the conversion from plasticSince plastic to paper for its packaging, both primary (container or bag for the packaging of the individual product) and secondary (display container for the individually packaged mozzarellas) and have led the company to be able to declare Plastic FreePlastic Free for a large part of the mozzarella packaging andfor and to receive the Bio Suisse certification.


We give shape to candid and unique goodness

Producing the best buffalo products, respecting the environment and the animals. The San Salvatore company is committed to ensuring the highest quality by using only selected raw materials and sustainable production methods.


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